Stone & tile flooring

With a long history as one of the most durable flooring materials available, tile is also a great choice for rooms that see a lot of wear or moisture. It resists stains and scratches and is easy to clean. The result is a floor that's not only beautiful, but practical as well. Both chic and classic, floors of tile or stone make a statement. Tile flooring is not just for the kitchen or bath our styles captivate in any room of the house. You can even put tile in the bedroom, evoking the dreamy feeling of a Roman villa. In any space you will love the timeless look of tile. One of the best things about tile is the ability to install it in special patterns that add interest to your floor. These patterns are easy to create and offer endless variety. Try alternating colors for a dramatic two-toned effect. Mix sizes and shapes; choose between repeated or random patterns. No matter how you lay tile, it is sure to make a statement. For floor decor that is creative, practical, and charming, our stone and tile is unbeatable. Amazing colors, shapes, textures, and sizes give you options that make a tile floor so stylish. And when you add extra pizzazz with glass trim, hand-painted accents, or colored grout, you take style to new levels.

Stone and tile flooring types

Glazed ceramic
Glazed Ceramic Tile offers excellent value. It is typically lower in cost compared to porcelain tile with similar texture/patterns. It wears well over time on interior floors and has a low rate of water absorption, so it is suitable for interior floors and walls.

Porcelain Tile is considerably denser than ceramic and is more impervious to liquids and is considered frost-proof so porcelain is suitable for exterior use in all climates. Porcelain Tile has a higher breaking strength than most ceramic tiles and is 30% harder than natural stone (like granite and marble).

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Care & maintenance of tile & stone

Tile whether it is ceramic, porcelain, or stone, is one of the longest-lasting flooring materials in existence. But it still needs a bit of care. Basic, consistent maintenance of your tile or stone floor will ensure that it remains beautiful and trouble-free for many years. Please be sure to reference your tile floor warranty for specific care requirements! For your general information, however, here are some basic tips and facts.

  • As needed, sweep your floor to remove dirt and grit.
  • Wipe spills promptly.
  • Damp mop once a week (or more often for heavy traffic areas) using a special cleaner we can recommend, just ask your sales associate for guidance.
  • Make sure the cleanser you use is a neutral pH compatible with grout cleaning. Never use detergent or soap, which can dull the surface or promote mildew growth. Cleaners should never contain acids, vinegar, chlorines, or ammonia, as these chemicals can damage and discolor both the grout and the stone or tile.
  • Use protective mats in entryways and pads under furniture legs.
  • Make sure you wait the proper time for grout to cure before you apply a sealer.